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mindtrick records. mtr023

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huron is back with his long awaited album ‘inside information’. the berlin based musician has come up with 13 original tracks for his album which sounds somewhere between the idm/glitch/electronica. ‘inside information’ is an accomplished coming of age for huron, a conceptual lp that brings together the elements that worked so well on his previous album ‘the other side of reality’ on raumklang records and his ‘fissure’ ep on mindtrick records. and mixed it into a robust, coherent statement. inside information is a class in balance and restraint. the sounds and manipulations demonstrated throughout are carefully placed and never feel out of sync, despite the complexity of beats, progression and slowly growing electronic organisms. it's an album built for intense listening, longing to be played out live in an epic futuristic setting. as far as intelligent dance music goes, this one's begging to escape any confines you dare to place on it. the objects unfurl from within their constructed confines, glitching along the way through their mechanical lifestyles, wrapped over by curtains of cinematic textures, twisted, unhinged, and finally left on their own to breathe and evolve. there is more to the intelligent design behind each and every track that meets the ear. as huron likes to put it: ‘inside information is a picture of an journey into the abyss of the soul , an uncertain dark future and a hopeful morning light’. digipak packaging.


1 humantz05550x
2 time to wait
3 waterside
4 forest lover
5 mind reader
6 wrong information
7 the end is the beginning
8 hunting the morning light
9 ghost in the mirror
10 blank cities
11 grow with him
12 rainy and i love it
13 concede