endings. bup035-cd

endings. cd

basic unit productions. bup035-cd

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since his debut album ‘evaluations’ on desire records, upstate ny based s. smith went through some major life altering occurrences, which have led him to reconstruct a new and specific sound. he wrote 7-8 tracks shortly after the first release and trashed them all for they were too weak and minimal for his taste. he then picked up an emu emulator II and tracks started populating organically. by experimenting with sampling, which was foreign to him, he found the ‘sound’ he was looking for, pouring more impact and weight into his music. these are stories of reconstructing yourself after being derailed by something in life coming to an end, hence the title ‘endings’. there’s a mood of dark 80’s new wave that lingers throughout, with the stark clang of metal, dark electronic dance-beats, samples, dramatic melodies and romantic vocals. guest vocals from berlin based jennifer touch enhance that feeling. 6-panel digipak packaging.


1 things i would do
2 naiveté
3 sincerity
4 forgive me
5 strange times
6 to visit you again
7 flatter me
8 r.a.s.