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cretin dilettante
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cretin dilettante is the alias of multimedia artist dustin sheehan, based out of denton, texas. though one may be hard pressed to pin down cretin dilettante's sound, it blends a variety of aesthetic motifs from post punk, dark electro, drone, electroacoustic, power electronics, synthpop, psychedelia, and black metal in order to construct a brave new brand of avant-pop music. the project began ‘studio-only‘ in 2011 with a stream of rapidly independently recorded jam sessions released via finnish net-label terranean recordings, which eventually made their way to the ears of basic unit productions. as of 2016, cretin dilettante has taken his brand of warped noise from the bedroom to the stage. c36 cassette, full colour sleeve.


1 avida dollars
2 nobody's audience
3 big grin
4 signal intrusion
5 dead air (cassette bonus)
6 despotism
7 gambling man