in the vortex of dionysian reality. cure.13

anemone tube
in the vortex of dionysian reality. 12"

the epicurean. cure.13

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related to nietzsche’s notion of the wagnerian music drama as a revelation of the abysmal truth about man, ‘in the vortex of dionysian reality’ allures us into the dionysian dreamland, where tragedy reigns, in pursuit of the ultimate oneness. with its washes of noise and layers of piercing feedback on a subbase of wavering synths, it is a maelstrom of sound generating a hallucinatory reality. the atmosphere oscillates between destructiveness and aggravating frenzy, between the archaic and the sacral, between frenzied passion and abyssal melancholy, serving the mythical experience of music in a world where language has failed as a method of communication and music figures as the primordial form of expression. as he considers humanities to have reached their limit, young nietzsche hopes to find ultimate spiritualization and idealization in the reborn myth. music alone (‘our german masters’), as the primeval form of poetry and revelation of true dionysian wisdom, may achieve triumph over the apollonian shallow world of apparition. with his timely musical rendition of mythical experience as ‘in the vortex of dionysian reality’, anemone tube conveys an emotionally and mentally charged album which reveals his soft spot for progressive post rock metal acts like amusement parks on fire, blut aus nord or o.l.d. their special approach of dreamy melodies vs. atonal, discordant sounds is skillfully recreated through polyphonic synths lines, which are then modulated into feedback and added for good measure. the lp version comes with different design to the cd version and alternative track ‘tower of evil (sovereign over all)’. black vinyl, full color cover with 3 mm spine printed on high quality natural paper. includes download code. limited edition of 200 copies.


1 in the vortex of dionysian reality (nietzsche's dream) / le pont du diable
2 tower of evil (sovereign over all)
3 perfect dream
4 terror of nature
5 in the vortex of dionysian reality II
6 evangelium der weltharmonie
7 perpetual dawn
8 suicidal fantasy (negation of myth II)
9 like the streaming of a giant river life is passing without ever turning around