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resistance through rituals. cd

hands. hands-d248

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new frames, but well-known names: mathis mootz aka the panacea/squaremeter teams up with fellow berlin resident david frisch for their debut album on hands that is obviously inspired by the thriving techno culture of the german metropolis. in contrast to their (so far undercover) endeavors with the ‘continuum series 1991-1998’, this is no historiographic account of rave culture, but very much a production of its time: dark, industrial and techno in an absolutely flawless production (which is not much of a surprise considering the people behind the music) that bears enough ammunition for the dance floors as well as it works as a unit. ‘resistance through rituals’ proclaims every youth culture’s inherent fascination with symbols and codes that distance their group from the mainstream. thus, it’s a centerpiece of the desire to progress and discover - and may it just be your own boundaries during a sweaty night in clubland. ‘resistance through rituals’ doesn’t come straight out with its physical force - it uses a few tracks to introduce basic facets of their sound and cleverly raise the tension: pulsing electronica (‘cloud of light’), the kick as an ‘artefakt’ (featuring berlin techno warhorse henning baer), dub techno tightness (‘major and minor offences’) and the rickety bass line of ‘eternal body’. but it’s from there that the full peak time appeal kicks in - now way out of the power and force of ‘farewell legacy’ and ‘earth exit statement’ - the latter being a collaboration with climaxim, who is probably better known as hardcore drum&bass producer limewax. the rest of ‘resistance through rituals’ summons the melting away of perception, with the acid-tinged tracks ‘give us guidance’, ‘shorten the days’ and ‘o.o.b.e.’, before the timeless kick drum of ‘we go public by way of the net’ calls for the last uprising of the after hour. and it’s that last track that displays best that you have to know your history - and the sound of today has never been out of fashion.


1 cloud of light_disconnect
2 artefakt with henning baer
3 major and minor offenses
4 eternal body
5 farewell legacy
6 earth exit statement with climaxim
7 give us guidance
8 shorten the days
9 o.o.b.e. (incarnate)
10 we go public by way of the net