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no concept, no storyline, no looking back at what once was: with ‘human art engines’, saturmzlide presents his third album on hands - which is nothing less than a radical reinvention of his sound. skillfully handmade on hardware instruments, it pays homage to the electronic music of the 80s and 90s - but without being retro as such. in the best tradition of the era of horizontal dancing ‘human art engines’ operates on the fine line between entertainment and art, between armchair listening and dance floor appeal. so cut the midrange, drop the bass, and take the wild ride back and forth! after the space mission of the ‘lazercowboys’ and the ensuing intense live performances, alex aka saturmzlide felt the need for some basic change in order to be able to continue his creative streak. the answer was (in parts involuntarily) found in the use of reduced, analogue equipment. in five months of intense work he handcrafted an album with a warm analogue sonorousness and a signature live feel, as good parts were recorded as one-take snapshots after the basic sounds had been constructed in long preliminaries. no drum loops were used; it was all done the old school way, albeit in a crispy up-to-date production. this specific sound was enhanced in the hands of german underground legend matthias schuster, in whose geisterfahrer studios alex had the pleasure to do parts of the mix down. with allusions to topics like arcade games, with a keen sense of humor and a knack for appropriate track titles, saturmzlide takes us through a pleasant 50 minutes. that is eleven tracks with distinct hook lines, midtempo rhythms and surprising details. whether you jack to the obvious ‘azsid tunnel’, get your ethno dose from ‘cobras nas ruas’, enjoy the big beats of ‘radio 2.0’ or the melodic grandeur of the closing track ‘pilldriver’: the main achievement of this album is the fact that it’s so extraordinarily tight-knit while all tracks are so very unique! ‘human art engines’ wasn’t made with the club or the concert stage in mind, the intention was to create an album that marco would love to listen to himself - but nevertheless time will prove these tracks more than strong enough for dual purpose.


1 invisible society
2 arcade boulevard
3 azsid tunnel
4 six o’clock & hysteria
5 distorted rainbow with crushed ice
6 cobras nas ruas
7 phantom channel
8 phantom foyer
9 education
10 radio 2.0
11 pilldriver