sabotage normality. hands-d245

last days of s.e.x.
sabotage normality. cd

hands. hands-d245

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after an eight-year-interim, greek producer manos chrisovergis presents his third album on hands - and the good news is he follows through with his compelling score of affiliating noisy bedlam and political agitation. eleven original tracks, an officially approved einstürzende neubauten cover version and five remixes by guest artists make for 72 minutes of mayhem in different shapes. constantly oscillating between freeform noise bursts and structuring elements, ‘sabotage normality’ promises some perfect diversion for the industrial connoisseur, and an appropriate setting for the anarchist agenda expressed through the track titles. there is no such thing in life as normal, so you better give up the pursuit of normality and enjoy the last days of s.e.x.! hands says noise, and last days of s.e.x. is one of the noisiest artist among the lot: not even the album opener spares the listener from aggressive blasts. and then, there is an ongoing change of pace, with elements counteracting the cacophony: bass drops, 4/4 kicks, distorted sounds, a vocoder vocal - all in constant stream of changing and shifting dynamics - over eleven tracks, ‘sabotage normality’ is one boisterous rush of commotion. then there is a definite change of pace: manos respectfully pays homage to the german godfathers of noise, einstürzende neubauten, with his appreciative version of the classic ‘tanz debil’ from the infamous 1981 album ‘kollaps’. the rest of the album belongs to some fine guests: like-minded hands label mates maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor and mono no aware put their slightly more club-compatible stamp on a track each, rhythm noise at its most extreme; greek underground artists unhuman and thorivos provide humming downbeat and sheer harsh noise respectively; and the last word goes to fellow countryman hydrone (also a label mate and partner in hands act libido formandi), who finally sabotages normality for good with the truly dialectic concept of ambient noise.


1 noise against the nation
2 sabotage normality
3 bash the fash
4 selfcreated prison
5 abolish state authorities
6 fight back
7 riots give rights
8 priviledge check
9 personal is political
10 smash social darwinism
11 support solidarity
12 tanz debil
13 white dove (maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor remix)