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hymen records. ¥044

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thematic companion and stop-gap follow-up to last year's science/fiction, end is back with another batch of post-glitch soundscapes and futuristic nightmares. errata reprises a few of science/fiction's dj-friendlier tracks (the shuffling plastic beats of the image economy and the hip-hop dirge of society of the spectacle) and offers some new essentials: necessary fictions is all icy melodies and a hypnotizing staccato groove while torschlusspanik is a ferocious scatter-beat number complete with hard bleeps and 70s theremin. all topped off with stellar remixes by black lung, mehmet irdel, and xanopticon. the perfect soundtrack to being stuck at a shitty temp job while everybody else is enjoying their vacations. if only the boss would install a turntable next to the water cooler...


1 necessary fictions
2 the image economy
3 society of the spectacle
4 torschlusspanik
5 the culture industry (black lung rmx)
6 theatres of memory (mehmet irdel rmx)
7 society of the spectacle (xanopticon rmx)