oberhausen ritual - live at maschinenfest 2016. raub-050

oberhausen ritual - live at maschinenfest 2016. mp3 album

raubbau. raub-050

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it was in the fall of 2016 that trepaneringsritualen in the shape of th.oth XIX graced the maschinenfest stage with one of their infamous rituals, and naturally this is mandatory to be documented via the raubkauf series. trepaneringsritualen has made quite a name for itself, with the signature ‘dödsindustri’ sound since 2008, an especially vile brew of upfront electronic noise, feedback and agitating night-rhythms, fuelled by eclectic references to all kinds of magick. the set presented on ‘oberhausen ritual’ is a concise representation of their musical output so far, familiar tracks alternating with unheard ones, all coalescing into an intoxicatingly vile stream of sound, clocking in well under 40 minutes, yet leaving nothing to be desired. it’s with the bleak abyss of ‘immaculate & incorporeal’ that the listener gets sucked into the otherworld that is trepaneringsritualen, with th.oth XIX’s trademark vibrant, guttural vocals kicking in on ‘a black egg’, and ‘the 7th man’ offering the first appearance of the drums of death. from there, it’s a constant buildup, with every track adding more of the ritual’s raw, primordial force, culminating in the glorious ‘he who is my mirror’. and it’s that grand finale which also best exemplifies his crossover credibility with other extreme music scenes (i.e. metal). the success of trepaneringsritualen doesn’t simply come from producing led-heavy death industrial, it comes from being unique and authentic. originality and dedication, simplicity and a more than convincing overall picture - to which this live document adds an important feature.


1 immaculate & incorporeal
2 a black egg
3 the 7th man
4 all hail the black flame
5 papist pretender
6 deathward to the womb
7 veil the world
8 judas goat
9 he who is my mirror