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audiotrauma. trauma044

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new french electro-indus sensation, horskh is a collision between the raw energy of ebm, the violence of metal and the trance of electro. during their explosive concerts, the acoustic drums bring an organic depth to the saturated surges of the guitar and the machines. beyond the melodic rage of the song, the live energy of the duo reinforces the impact of a sound material viscerally dedicated to movement. an oscillation between dancefloor and pogo! released in april 2017 on the audiotrauma label, 'gate' is the seamless continuation of the radical ep dawn (2014) and dawn extended version (2015). 'gate' is more audacious and directed, the 12 tracks are calibrated for the live experience. and if it were necessary to yield to the little game of references to situate this duo, imagine yourself at the center of gravity between combichrist, prodigy, early marilyn manson and gesaffelstein.


1 victim
2 engaged and confused
3 intruder
4 against
5 strayed away
6 sleep
7 smile and threat
8 morbid positiv
9 stay ready (to feel the storm)
10 virus - the truth no longer matters
11 trigger
12 through the...