live at maschinenfest 2016. raub-041

spherical disrupted
live at maschinenfest 2016. mp3 album, tape

raubbau. raub-041

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we enter the starship and travel back in time to relive through the stunning performance of spherical disrupted at maschinenfest 2016. crystal clear patterns generate the atmosphere of outer space, the rhythm gently picks us up and drives us further down into the open darkness. never rushing but steadily moving forward, each track evolves into an audible embrace. sometimes soothing, sometimes as cold as liquid nitrogen, we alter from complete relaxation to shivering and back. mirko hentrich, the man behind spherical disrupted and cofounder of audiophob records, has a long standing history of music production that is essential in its influence on electronic artists from our genre and beyond. having been on stage at maschinenfest several times before, his debut on raubbau captures his most recent and most sophisticated performance. spherical disrupteds development results in superior sound design and perfectly matching beats, creating a symbiosis as pure and beautiful as the stars on a cold winters night. this tape includes an mp3-download-code.


1 melatonin
2 eta carinae outburst
3 solar luminosity
4 orbital eccentricity
5 through homunculus nebula
6 accretion disc
7 x-ray flare