structures of mind. ap41

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aliens production. ap41

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master of natural surfaces and mysterious landscapes is back. atmospheric temptation aka ish is announcing his arrival with a new work so after a longer time is his completely hot new work under the wings of aliens production. igor aka ish and his electronic story has already with his first album resonance level knew how to attract the attention with his musical merger where the combination of ambient and electronics dominates in mid-tempo and around it revolves many stories and melancholy. new album is a continuation of what igor has begun. this time the sound and the structure moves into more technical parameters in which plays a strong participation combination of idm and hypnotic electronics, that stands on analog fragments and alternately dark and dreamy positions in which pulsates nice beats and strong messages. ish is again something new and in a different plane than offers todays electronic underground. emotive piece is full of great music and unexplored landscapes.


1 back in life
2 morning light
3 structures of mind
4 breeze has its own charm
5 frozen touch
6 listen to the trees
7 solar perception
8 your land
9 hallo human
10 low pulse
11 where stars die