only darkness. srb029

only darkness. cd

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belgian art / music project born in the underground of the 80 ties in previous century, hybryds has always been a project of worldwide located people working together, (by mail) directed by mastermind magthea. hybryds were one of the first bands to explore the tribal, atavistic feeling of loosing your mind in the sound of music. by mixing contemporary electronic techniques with ancient tribal influences they created a new eclectic music style, crossing the borders of ethnic and industrial music: ritual music. the last 3 cd's (on sleepless) were born out of live jam sessions between magthea, peter de koning, madeline arndt and even barry edgar pilcher (who came of his island after 25 years to join hybryds in person.) only darkness: going back to their roots: ritual music. trance inducing ambient atmospheres, from barry's manipulated saxophone are sucked up in tribal rhythms, electronic beats, coloured with the intense percussion of traumasutra, blend in the evocative and impressing vocals of madeline arndt. when you close your eyes, and let your heartbeat synchronise with the pulsating rhythms from ancient lost times and free your mind on the magical sound waves, you can tune in with the great universe of life. darkness will eat parts of your soul and show you the light. digipak packaging.


1 a luminous moon
2 a waking dream
3 grains of golden sand
4 no mortals ever dared to dream
5 lunar landscape
6 too cold
7 a sudden storm
8 only darkness...
9 a demon in my view
10 nacht du dunkle k├Ânigin
11 purification of the imagination