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crisis actor, a project from david thrussell (snog / black lung) and tony d'oporto (gnomes of kush / gnome & spybey) deliver the eagerly awaited debut full length album 'slave new world' after two highly acclaimed digital single and ep releases. a unified theory and bold statement of conspiracy as folklore and precognition. a breathy politic scream from the lower regions of the information substrata. a diverse, inclusive but concise statement of seismic discontent. a dance floor screed about the alchemical potential nested in universal surveillance. crisis actor are a perfect combination of intelligent electro / body music with a techno approach and social commentary which could be already discovered in the early works of snog. if the label 'intelligent dance music' wouldn't have been occupied already, it would definitely apply to this project. the solid beats and steady, neat melodies show a competency of craft and skills while the sinister, politically oriented lyrics deliver some very dark insights which might be quite fun to sing along to. electronic, atmospheric, pure and sage, 'slave new world' is a remarkable debut from a pair of fearless and enquiring minds.


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