shilly-shally. trauma043

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audiotrauma. trauma043

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r.roo is the music project by andrey symonovych, an ukrainian electronic musician living in kyiv. for seven years he has produced more than twenty releases, excepting side projects (na-hag, esomso, strangled voice, sound wave pressure). every album represent a new stage in his perception of electronic music, it shows new verges of sound design. the most famous albums were released on tympanik audio (us), raumklang music (germany), and abstrakt reflections (argentina). andrey is also a co-owner of intelligent electronics web label someone records. his music is well known throughout the world because of his versatile and unique creativity. its multi-level atmospheric tracks immersed in a world of broken beats and quaint sounds, melancholic keys and fragments of human speech. you want stay here. its interesting. you can enjoy rhythmic patterns and reliefs of samples, you can follow strange metamorphoses of glitch. broken rhythms, noises and squeaks are absorbed by the structure of composition. multi-layer sound is necessarily based on the melody and reproduces holistic consistent and deep work. digisleeve packaging.


1 babes in the wood
2 die in your eyes
3 refusal
4 to the bottom
5 lost insight
6 supernova
7 sad party in outer space
8 touch me gently
9 rain