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and finally another swedish treat for your ears! 14 years after the initial release on cold meat industry, raubbau proudly presents the re-release of ten jewels compiled to a true masterpiece. sanctum - the northern pioneers of electronic avantgarde embrace everyone with their stories, recited by håkan paulsson. his charismatic vocals grip us, overwhelm us and enchant us while a silken female voice creates the perfect contrast. the sounds blend from sweet string melancholy to harsh industrial instruments as the universe of sanctum engages diversity and dynamics. with some alterations in their recent members, this record documents the former constellation of the band and connects the present to sanctums roots. the solid foundation, however, remained and we enjoy their compositions piece by piece. the feast is ready - let’s eat!


1 foodchain
2 lie low
3 let's eat
4 a pose
5 när?
6 shut up
7 shine
8 sister
9 let's play
10 a-part