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ant-zen. act222

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nobody knew where the rabbits went - one day they disappeared and were never seen again. only a few documents proved they even existed. years passed. there were rumours about a federation of ninjas overwhelming an unpremeditated audience, but before the legend became widespread there were more ominous tales being told: a congregation of mummies entering stages, taking no prisoners, making eardrums bleed... all these tall tales mentioned the same name: monokrom. after a long period of research, ant-zen obtained an aural and visual manifestation of these bandaged beings, and it is our duty to publicize it as a demonstration of the roughness and the savageness of ancient times: one fine day in the pyramid. this very special artifact, packaged in a plaster bandaged sleeve, it will riddle scientists, musicologists and listeners for decades: a permanent breathtaking attack of contorted, cadenced noise, challenging your audio equipment to the highest peak. walls of grinding uproar, pulsating frequencies and warped, unknowable voices that add up to a primordial soup of sheer intensity. beware while listening! beware while watching! do you believe in the curse of the mummy? we will leave that for you to decide... warning: this compact disc includes extreme aural frequencies. listen with extreme caution, at your own risk, and in the safety of your own pyramid dwelling! limited edition - cd in special packaging; handcrafted plaster bandaged sleeve: each copy is a unique object.


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