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lusine icl explores different styles of electronica such as dark-ambient, minimal music and idm, but doesn't limit himself to these genres…actually there is no limit. the tracks become a trip that stands far beyond the average electronic outputs from the u.s. jeff mcilwain now resides in los angeles, where he has been for two years. he originally started making music about 5 years ago in austin, tx. where he received much of his musical influence. the music is much more acoustically involved, although highly manipulated electronically. much of the credit for the recent change in direction should be given to the faculty at calarts, including mark trayle and tom erbe who have been in the electronic music scene for a very long time. in fact, his way of producing is just amazing. the tracks begin with a soundscape blending into another and at the end of it you won`t know how the record began. this is performed with such a perfection that it won`t disturb in any case.


1 lazydayz
2 sem1
3 slipthrough
4 sem3
5 sem 2
6 twister
7 backtrack