illusions of move - chapter red. ¥029

starfish pool
illusions of move - chapter red. 12", mp3 album

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starfish pool is the electronic project of koen lybaert. it's an electronic project where rhythm will appear in, in all its aspects. since the very start it is the manipulation of loops - the basic idea of the way tracks were created as starfish pool. this concept that has nothing to do with the sound but more with the way that tracks are practically made. the illusions of move cycle is an idea that started end at the end of 1999. it all comes to colours. the first one called blue, the colour that reflects on sadness and dark feelings. blue reflects these feelings, so it was the right choice to start with the chapter blue as introducing this new cycle. the other four albums will be chapter red, black, white and yellow. red will go around passion, black will be heavy but soulful, white very open and minimal, and yellow bright. that's the general idea. these releases are planned within a time-period of two years. a mixture of dark ambient soundscapes, hypnotic drum patterns, an impressive stylistic range, emotional minimalism and timbral sophistication. harsh sound-structures unfold a new chapter for smooth atmospheric noise. the passion is red.


1 downtown
2 subsequent
3 tokyo express
4 pitch dark
5 wean
6 red excursion
7 mexican escape