dichromat. bup031

black nail cabaret
dichromat. cd

basic unit productions. bup031

with their new release, ‘dichromat’, black nail cabaret deliver another round of refreshingly contemporary dark pop music, intertwined with a smattering of 80’s gothic, and electronic nostalgia. while being captivatingly haunting and soulful, most of the songs are deceptively dance-able and uplifting, because at the same time, the song lyrics widely vary from migration through domestic violence to sex. the word dichromat is defined as a colour vision defect, which occurs when one of the cone pigments is missing and colour is reduced to two dimensions. since their intentional and literal avoidance of colours – even if not necessarily all of them, the production of the songs are the artist’s own dichromatic prints of reality and are more analogue and hardware driven than on previous releases. this results in a clear and minimal effect, with in-your-face catchy hard beats and soft melodies.


1 sister sister
2 co
3 therapy
4 freak of fancy
5 we like to suffer
6 decay avenue
7 minor panics
8 lower the shutters
9 session
10 orgasm
11 comfort zone
12 soon