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geneviéve pasquier’s mix of electronic/post-industrial music and 80s-minimal-electro with an exceptional, vulnerable and adorable voice attracted an international fan base right from the start. this retrospective with four tracks taken from the releases ‚soap bubble factory‘‚ ‚virgin pulses‘ and ‚le cabaret noir‘ perfectly displays geneviéve's artistic variety. the music’s scope ranges from the dark and hypnotic ‚lines‘ and the elegantly pulsating ‚fairy tale' to the forceful electro noise tune ‚bouge!‘ and the sensuous industrial song ‚tu es le star‘. at once beautiful and distant, geneviéve pasquier's delivery speaks to everyone's feelings of loneliness, anger and pleasure that crop up at some point in life. the mastery of many electronic sound facets was and will be her trademark. all of this is perfectly displayed on this compilation which will be available on vinyl and digital format.


1 lines
2 fairy tale
3 bouge!
4 tu es le star