i know where the wolf sleeps. trauma040

noire antidote
i know where the wolf sleeps. cd

audiotrauma. trauma040

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noire antidote will take his first step of take-over with his debut album called ‘i know where the wolf sleeps.’ a perfect start to get introduced in the world of noire antidote. ‘i know where the wolf sleeps’ is representation of getting tricked by the illusions found into our daily lives. there are many things in this world which are unknown to us, we’re getting tricked by the ones who seem good in our eyes. hypnotized by the stories, forced to blindly follow. to live a life which seems all perfect to us.


1 into hypnosis
2 fire in bohemian grove
3 eight legged men
4 enochian
5 slow macabre
6 i know where the wolf sleeps
7 relieved distressed
8 the comfort of not breathing
9 and the rain falls straight down
10 it stands in the backyard
11 di3s ira3 (bonus)