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mago return with six pearls captured digitally by raubbau. by continuing their long-standing history of producing electronic music that touches the mind as much as the body, we can’t but feel entirely taken by the depth: the layering of soundscapes into magic which flows out of our speakers and tickles our imagination. being one of three projects around jan carleklev and håkan paulsson besides azure skies and sanctum, mago outlines the very edge of modern electronic music without need for aggressive vocals or becoming overburdened with instruments. finely woven melodies make each track a unique story told through pure sounds and sometimes distant lyrics, all carried by rhythms which form a solid base throughout. continuing vividly, without the need for hectic breaks or rushing, mago state superior professionalism by combining scandinavian minimalism with complexity into their seductive creations.


1 enlace
2 ripple
3 gambit
4 tench
5 chronic
6 infinite