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hymen records. ¥840

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the_empath's third release for hymen records, 'trackology' represented his most varied album so far - covering a wide spectrum of topics that range from the negative to the positive. exploring an individual's powerlessness, nebulous discomfort caused by heteronomy, political disillusion, and also personal improvement via the gaining of experience - just to name few points - have been transferred into audio through a vast number of styles and sounds. 'trackology remixes' is an extrapopulation of this album which discovers new aspects of and fresh perspectives on the original work. all ten primal tracks have been reworked by huron, mortaja, tonikom, heimstatt yipotash, 16pad noise terrorist, sendform, signalstoerung, klima, frl. linientreu and mandelbrot who added their very own musical points of view and created a self-contained alternative version of the initial opus. a great extention and a crucible of contemporary electronic music at the same time, this release is highly recommended to new listeners and to those who already enjoy 'trackology'.


1 into the [huron]
2 arab spring [mortaja]
3 realign power geometries [tonikom]
4 trackology [heimstatt yipotash]
5 unknown subject [16pnt]
6 growing unrest [sendform]
7 below&above zero [signalstoerung]
8 nwo_hindsight [klima]
9 vigil coma [frl. linientreu]
10 synus [mandelbrot]