we like to suffer. bup029

black nail cabaret
we like to suffer. cd-ep

basic unit productions. bup029

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‚no matter where you go, there you are‘, is the old saying and the message that emese arvai-illes seems to want to give in black nail cabaret’s new ep, ‚we like to suffer‘. reminding one, with a dark pop & catchy upbeat tune, that you can run but you can’t escape yourself. keeping true to their synth noir sound, the b-side track, ‚descent‘, is more melancholic with her deep smoldering femme fatale-like voice. topping everything off are the three remixes from crackdown, dsx and celldöd, which spice this ep up with a wide variety of 80’s pop, electronic, and techno sounds.


1 we like to suffer
2 we like to suffer (boredom remix by crackdown)
3 we like to suffer (dsx remix)
4 we liketo suffer (celldöd remix)
5 descent