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aliens production. ap38

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belarusian pioneer of electronic frequencies and break beats aka recfrag under which is the protagonist dimitry is not a newcomer on the music scene, and thanks to the previous releases he has drawn our attention for his interesting experiments and balancing in the waters of idm and ambient. music that this gifted seeker of tones and melancholic corners offers is a great combination of break beats, beautiful atmospheres and melodic electronics. musically this project is interesting combination of atmospheric dust and destructive attacks similar to meteor shower. strong corners and beautiful atmospheres almost rotates in the machinery of machine rhythms as on the places they want to destroy your auditory system and penetrates with every tone to your cerebral cortex. many hypnotic loops and movies blocks adds to this promising path a perfect experience. this message will certainly be for the fans, who likes the sound of bands like: gridlock, anhedonia and stendeck. cd is enriched with powerful remixes by xsodect, ish, tod, tokee. you have to listen to this loudly!!! so that in the near future you only hear the name recfrag. limited to 333 copies.


1 mercury arrows
2 proto
3 membrane /recovered/
4 temeraire /feat.telih/
5 magnetic spheres
6 phosporus hall
7 flosters
8 12-41
9 new point of loneliness
10 magnetic pheres /xsodex remix/
11 membrane /hotwire remix by tod/
12 magnetic spheres /tokee remix/
13 membrane /ish remix