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the 8th album ‘moral’ comes up with much more clearly structured sounds than the previous release ‘result no. 7’. with ‘moral’ the project is going back to their roots: extensive soundscapes without fragile gimmicks, perfectly distinctive to the point. nevertheless, the new album is a milestone in mnemonics history: each song comes with an expressive melody and rich harmonies reflecting the journey of the project since their first official release ‘identifikationsstörung" in 2001 ‘moral‘ combines a fifteen-year-experience in creating electronic sounds and an established self-perception of the band.


1 moral
2 analyst
3 trivial
4 pedant
5 polemik
6 fragilität
7 ästhet
8 disziplin
9 routine
10 purist
11 allmacht
12 eidetik
13 individuum