v.a. - frequencies of the mind III. mtr022

v.a. - frequencies of the mind III. cd

mindtrick records. mtr022

heading towards their tenth anniversary and 50th release in 2017, mindtrick records returns to your mind and ears! after a year of compiling and listening through loads and loads of tracks the third instalment in the frequencies of the mind series is finally here! this compilation contains 16 original tracks by mindtrick veterans such as delete, tangent, known rebel, evs and head honcho atiq. and there are some newcomers who have also lined up an ep for the label that will be released somewhere after the compilation. amongst these artists are eusebeia, the indian aeon waves and a modular synthesis ep by sb-six. there are also some tracks from well known artists like funckarma with a remix by legiac , we have bong-ra returning to the label under his new darkjazz guise the thing with five eyes and the travel aka deformer from which we released his debut album nyctophobia earlier this year. digipak packaging.


1 intro unknown artist
2 holdgaze-legiac remix funckarma
3 subconscious sb-six
4 gaia aeon waves
5 state of stretch evs
6 inside the vessel atiq
7 demby surround the travel
8 delusion tangent
9 impulsion huron
10 live at the nocturnus the thing with five eyes
11 out there in the dark rlyeh1
12 euridyce known rebel
13 sold he3dless
14 trolley of thought delete
15 shooting stars suboctane
16 in the cut eusebeia