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spherical disrupted
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it has been 7 years since the last cd release of spherical disrupted, but now the third full time album will be released on audiophob. as its predecessor, ‘periapsis’ is once again a concept work around a astronomical phenomenon. this time the work is based on the twin star system eta carinae, which is one of the biggest high-mass and as well in many other aspects very extraordinary constellations of our galaxy. the term ‘periapsis’ refers to a concept used to calculate its orbit. music wise the bandwith is once again defined between dark ambient passages and rhythms and basslines which are more correlated with ebm or acid but used here in a slowed down way. the album concludes with a remix version of the track ‘orbital eccentricity’, which is done by mortaja, a project whose home is audiophob as well.


1 observatory (1)
2 x-ray flare
3 eta carinae outburst
4 observatory (2)
5 orbital eccentricity
6 through homunculus nebula
7 colliding wind zone
8 observatory (3)
9 observatory (4)
10 orbital eccentricity (mortaja remix)