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raubbau. raub-048

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the good news just don’t seem to end for the morthound fans: reissue box in 2014, comeback album in 2015, live performances and now: two more all-new tracks on a fancy raubbau-style cassette tape, providing over 40 minutes of chilling coffin music. release title - and sound - suggest crime and perversion, so you better brace yourself: side a starts with glacial synths and a somber atmosphere, misleading in the way that you might expect some contemplation - but better look somewhere else, for psyched out noises start tickling the cerebral cortex, swelling and rising to a nauseating climax; varied, yet linear, there’s a clear storyline over the 21 minutes of ‘coffin in the ice’. on the flip, ‘unknown forest’ is more on the minimal side, with out-of-the-way sounds, the vibe of loneliness - and it’s only while the walk through the forest continues that the distant noises of civilization, of industry, become audible. so, morthound followers: let’s be grateful bj nilsen has found new interest in pursuing his classic project. ‘kistor av is’ explores the more extreme aspects of morthound, the noise-infested death industrial that demands intense listening and an acceptance of the abysmal aspects of life. bj nilsen succeeds again in presenting this classic style - which has become a rarity nowadays - in a contemporary fashion and (of course) with a high production value.


1 coffin in the ice
2 unknown forest