v.a. - a club|debil compilation. digitalraub-001

v.a. - a club|debil compilation. mp3 album

raubbau. digitalraub-001

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club|debil is a small organisation, just a bunch of people, organizing industrial parties and concerts in dresden / germany. over the years a lot of bands playing experimental music had been on stage at club|debil shows. this compilation brings together a few of them, showing the wide range of sound, just what the 'debil' people like. featuring niedowierzanie, cent ans de solitude, holotrop, tardive dyskinesia, daina dieva, solar skeletons, zenial, mk9, schloss tagal, beinahs, astro, fire in the head, heimstatt yipotash, teatro satanico, slow slow loris, phragments, contagious orgasm, horologium, balog, and tzii.


1 voll debil niedowierzanie
2 dizziness & grief cent ans de solitude
3 ram dass holotrop
4 melancholia 3-soulcripple - remix tardive dyskinesia
5 your fur-tavo kailis daina dieva
6 babylon östalgie-club|debil edit solar skeletons
7 day of despair zenial
8 mind loop mk9
9 terminated by script schloss tegal
10 feuerkoch-edit beinhaus
11 till doomsday astro
12 the delusions continue fire in the head
13 seismic shift-quake heimstatt yipotash
14 la farmacia dell' angelo-alternative version teatro satanico
15 wise sun slow slow loris
16 debil sein phragments
17 ss slave market-45rpm version contagious orgasm
18 l'enfant au miroir horologium
19 o voo da abelha balog
20 everything is exactly as it should 9 tzii