nightmare visions. epic.3

end (norway)
nightmare visions. cd

epic recordings. epic.3

retrospective of obscure norwegian 90s noise project. insane crossbreed of electro thrash, grind and industrial music with ingenious incorporation of movie samples - sounding like early dissecting table and ggfh on speed. over 70 minutes of entertainment for the ethically challenged and the cultural villains, left in its original unpolished mix, remastered by peter andersson (aka raison d’etre) - this is right from the mind of a social renegade. packaging: 3-panel digi-folder, offset printed on 450g matte chromolux paper. marvellous, minimalistic giallo-style design.


1 asphyxiation
2 guilty pervert
3 thirst for blood
4 perverse pleasures
5 corpse fucker
6 victim eyes
7 graveyard addict
8 death zone
9 crazy
10 meat wagon
11 noises and voices
12 last in line
13 pathological fix
14 mentally ill
15 human flesh
16 menace
17 rapist
18 monster
19 new cult
20 sick man
21 killer saga
22 deathrow inmate
23 perverted soul
24 speed kills
25 torso
26 coldblooded
27 surrogate