v.a. - all my sins remembered. cure.10

v.a. - all my sins remembered. 3cd, boxset

the epicurean. cure.10

'all my sins remembered' is a tribute to australian musician john murphy, who died on the 11th of october 2015, and at the same time a charity project with all proceeds from the sales going to his widow. john murphy was an inveterate collaborator, contributing to the most high-profile bands of the industrial scene, not only because he was such a versatile musician of immense talent, but also because he was such a great collaborator. his warm-heartedness was the basis of decade-spanning relationships with prestigious musicians; his perfection and reliability in both composition and preparing performances was common knowledge; as a session drummer he would fit in organically with the bands that employed him. as a result, a large number of musicians agreed happily and instantly to become a part of this project. with an enormous effort and the help of many friends the epicurean has put together this compilation, featuring the vast majority of the projects john murphy was involved with - whether as a solo musician, contributor, full band member or session musician. carefully curated and compiled, it follows the chronology of his career, starting with his high school band mandrix and following through all the way to his last studio recordings with last dominion lost. a major part of this compilation are tracks featuring john himself, a treasure of yet unreleased recordings with associates, shining vril, krang, krank, browning mummery, knifeladder, sooterkin flesh, blood and iron, wertham, foresto di ferro and gerechtigkeits liga, as well as rare collaborative tracks with lustmord, news, whirlywirld, hugo klang, maa, orchestra of skin and bone, slub, dumb and the ugly, vhril, bordel militaire and the walking korpses. john murphy’s performances can also be heard on exclusive live recordings of blood axis, spk, whitehouse, naevus, nikolas schreck, my father of serpents & disciples of none and mandrix, while newly recorded personal dedications (partially making use of john murphy recordings) come from of the wand and the moon, die weisse rose, genocide organ, andrew king and david e. williams. last but not least there are his last live and studio recordings from march & may 2015 with the grimsel path, zeena schreck and his last main band last dominion lost. this box set is limited to 750 copies and comes in a beautiful design by the epicurean: lavish black cardboard folder with full colour & gold print, containing three cds housed in cardboard sleeves and an extensive 32-page booklet with texts by the epicurean, andrew king, alan bamford and jon evans, allowing for detailed insight in the three distinct periods of john murphy’s musical career, as well as publishing unreleased photographs from his friends’ archives.


1 evolution-live mandrix
2 dirty lies news
3 big gun action whirlywirld
4 skipping - instrumental associates
5 beat up the old shack hugo klang
6 dissonance 2 krang
7 flame orchestra of skin and bone
8 lie slub
9 lunacy 145 dumb and the ugly
10 the sandstorm method-live spk
11 live action 4 whitehouse
1 pure lustmord
2 untitled-live sooterkin flesh
3 - genocide organ
4 transcosmic mutations-excerpt vhril
5 hymn to the satanic empire blood & iron
6 born to raise hell-original mix wertham
7 and she hit me bordel militaire
8 internal-medicine browning mummery
9 tuhkankantajat - toive maa
10 dystopian dream-instrumental gerechtigkeits liga
11 drain sounds in the well-insanity remix krank
12 saintess the walking korpses
13 scorched earth-live the grimsel path
14 live at the organ factory my father of serpents & disciples of none
1 death rune of the wand and the moon
2 sandra lindsey-happy birthday murphy remix david e. williams
3 bouncer see bouncer... shining vril
4 o a weird flower-live nikolas schreck
5 long march knifeladder
6 lord of ages-live blood axis
7 like arms-live naevus
8 kalagni - false dying dawn foresta di ferro
9 act of worship die weisse rose
10 schmerz-for john andrew king
11 sethian dream oracle-live zeena schreck
12 hexatom recrudesce last dominion lost