helical. md245

near the parenthesis
helical. cd

n5md. md245

in 2006, tim arndt released the first near the parenthesis album 'go out and see'. arndt had intended to follow up that release with a more beatless ambient album, where percussion was left to the side and composition took center stage. a shelved idea that we now get the benefit of a full ten years later. this new album helical is the realization of arndt's stripped down ambient concept. helical features arndt's characteristic experimental modem classical instrumentation and compositional style, but slows things down and stretches them out. the focus on the organic is clear, but moments of ethereal breath weave in and out and prevent the album from becoming too self aware. helical, as a loose reference to the geometric structure of our very dna and it contains themes that are driven by a recent discovery of arndt's past and ancestry. the release seamlessly stitches all of these concepts together and marks an unique release and new direction for arndt's near the parenthesis.


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3 helical
4 discovery
5 notation
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7 someday the future
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