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black flowers. cd

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'black flowers' was self released by johan van roy in 1992 on cassette. after re-releasing on itunes / bandcamp high request came to make it also available as a psysical release, so now sleepless records berlin is proud to announce black flowers. comes in a beautiful digipak version and with a must have extra track - an ultra rare suicide commando industrial soundscape named 'baustellen' with a length of 30 minutes. limited pressing!


1 die herrscher des himmels
2 the mirror
3 never get out
4 selling god
5 down on your knees
6 symptoms of death
7 down on your knees (slavery mix)
8 infected
9 black flowers (I & II)
10 agonize
11 hang me nail me burn me bury me
12 closed
13 baustellen