v.a. - elektroanschlag no.16. ea11

v.a. - elektroanschlag no.16. cd

r-reger. ea11

17 tracks (11 exclusive, 4 yet unreleased) by all artists performing at elektroanschlag festival 2016 in altenburg/germany. feat. disharmony, dogpop, ex.order, flesh, geistform, haus am rand, heimstatt yipotash, mobthrow, mortaja, my eyes grow darker, sonar, subheim, synapscape, tarsus, tokee, wuornos aileen, zero absolu.


1 workflow 23:31
2 fragments of time disharmony
3 endzeitcabaret dogpop
4 like yourselves-v.ea16 ex.order
5 hotter than hell-feat. the horrorist flesh
6 tau geistform
7 streck haus am rand
8 putsch-german bullets heimstatt yipotash
9 memory fail mobthrow & subheim
10 esbat mortaja
11 psycho lullaby myeyesgrowdarker
12 a matter of time-no mind rmx by catastrophe noise sonar
13 a big hiss synapscape
14 c`thul who? tarsus
15 leah 0.1 tokee
16 notes towards a mental breakdown wuornos aileen
17 minute butterfly zero absolu