without control. raum-cd-23

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raumklang music. raum-cd-23

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lal’s latest work, mirrage, mercilessly initiates the innocent into a world of brutal sound. dark electronica, sensual dominant vocals, and distorted frequencies are just the beginning of the sonic journey. with the new album 'without control', lal continues her successful story and reached another level. gradually and skillfully she take over, pummeling the audience into absolute submission. as the journey continues, rhythmic beats with uplifting tones emerge from darkness, just to get swallowed up by it again. the percussion empowers each track, creating a feeling of seductive superiority. oriental influences exude like opium essence. melodies dance with violin notes, luring the listener to a forbidden palace of tribal grooves. the drums dictate with forceful kicks that will make oversensitive ears bleed. powerful and dynamic, each track expresses the artist’s character and psyche. the listener is propelled by fast beats to an imagined dance-floor where there are no rules. dance! lose all inhibitions! live life, without control!


1 from the inside
2 belief
3 fragment
4 burn out
5 monotonie
6 desert flower
7 without control
8 obsession
9 deja
10 vu effect
11 i am empty