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with their sixth full length album synapscape (t.kniep and p.m√ľnch) continue and evolve what they started twelve years ago: powerful and versatile explorations in sound, rhythm and ambience. this release is unmistakably synapscape - distorted polyrhythmic beats meet atonal synth tones, kniep's strange lyrics (coupled with his haunting alienated voice that is offset with various effects), and constant rhythmic changes (while the metric speed is kept). however, there is a readiness for experiments - thus they avoid turning a trademark into a corset. synapscape's open mindedness to the electronic art combined with their ability to integrate characteristics of breakbeat, electronica and experimental music results (as usual) in a fascinating, unique sonic exploration. the possibilities are infinite as their producing was, is, and will be. this is where they are now - another landmark in contemporary industrial music.


1 hormona
2 tale
3 hint
4 relate
5 espionage
6 10 seconds
7 blades
8 bodies
9 flame
10 bend sinister
11 clouds
12 constraints