stormfly. bup023

blac kolor
stormfly. 12"

basic unit productions. bup023

shortly before his second album, blac kolor unleashes his 'stormfly' ep exclusively on vinyl to tease your wretched ears with hypnotic notes and cold mechanical landscapes. unlike the upcoming release 'born in ruins', this jewel sparkles with it’s own deep dark techno tones. schwefelgelb unfolds a remix of 'skeleton” in the end, which wraps this release up with finesse, pulling once again at the heartstrings of any techno lover. listen once, and one will fall easily into the abyss that is blac kolor.


1 skele ton
2 stormfly
3 no grace
4 pain delivery
5 skele ton (floor edit)
6 skele ton (schwefelgelb remix)