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the opposer divine
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aliens production. ap35

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a talented member of the terminal state and his next cybernetic attack is a hot candidate for other electronic storm and it’s not so long ago from his debut with his creative work beneath our wings. yes minor is back and this time presents itself again with something that will be for the listeners of this one man project a must have. in comparison to album barb wire around your neck a new clothing of t.o.d. is less experimental and more dynamic and we can say that the songs are built more on a compact surfaces. they are much cleaner although the older garment is the main distinguishable sign. the melodic lines of plasmatic vocals and direct toxic beats are the main source of this virus. quantity of styles collisions and atmospheric surfaces in modern guise. the new album is again a presentation of creative electronics and excellent presentation of slovak sounding bands that knows how to properly stir the boxes that is called underground. limited to 333 copies.


1 gathering
2 human animal
3 reverse
4 war
5 ice planet
6 magnetic shield
7 life
8 last messiah
9 this is it
10 arrival
11 deceit of the saints