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proyecto mirage was founded in 1990 by alicia h. willen and francisco planellas. they were initially influenced by the classic electro-pop of the early nineties (a sound which is still present in their side project bubble gum) but the duo was also attracted to industrial-music projects like s.p.k., whitehouse and - of course - esplendor geom├ętrico. their first release saw the light of day after nine years, and their creative output since then has evolved into more complexity. the hard-floor oriented aggressiveness was enriched with electronic ingredients of all kinds - ranging from electro and electronic body music to techno, drum'n'bass, or even sounds similar to those of experimental 'bridging artists' like aphex twin and pan sonic. artists who share p.m.'s taste for alarming atmospheres, broken melodies and distorted rhythms. 'turn it on' is the conclusion of more then ten years of progression. lashing high-speed dance floor blasts ('cannibal party'), distorted eighties nostalgia (6 6 5, 9), straight breakbeat excursions ('welcome to life'), pounding four-to-the-floor industrial anthems ('salvation', a collaboration with italian experimental/folk mastermind spiritual front), disturbing experimental-core ('darker bex') - this album is a perfect amalgamation of all facets of the electronic assault culture - all of which is welded together to form a powerful statement that encompasses severity as well as humorous wickedness - nobody expects the spanish inquisition! this is what they are, this is where the project is today - take it or leave it. always keep in mind: proyecto mirage is not just an illusion but a concrete reality!


1 turn it on
2 cannibal party
3 cermol
4 i just wanna sex
5 6 6 5.9
6 always lose my control in mars
7 welcome to life
8 salvation
9 piano song
10 we are stupid
11 darker bex
12 napalm sin retorno
13 turn it off