falling forward. adn188lp

falling forward. 12", cd

ad noiseam. adn188lp

few works have been as eagerly awaited as drumcorps’ second album. coming out nine years after 'grist', 'falling forward' looks to the future while staying true to the project's heavy guitar music roots. dense riffs, vocals, melody, guest musicians, and a diverse array of modern electronics combine with concise songwriting to form a complete work of integrity. the result is powerful, cohesive, tender, and in a class of its own: keeping all the elements which made 'grist' a success and taking them forward, confirming drumcorps’s position as not only a perfectionist, but also an innovator.180g vinyl, including the full cd.


1 blacklist whitelist
2 got the row
3 cradle to grave
4 open arms
5 crosses
6 tap tap tap
7 choose again
8 the path
9 we turned at a dozen paces for love is a duel
10 built for war
11 with sticks and stones
12 headstrong & heartfoolish
13 holy morning
14 my heart flies to where you are