coherent abstractions. lies-067lp

coherent abstractions. 2x12"

l.i.e.s. records. lies-067lp

adam x is back with his third album release under his industrial guise, admx-71. following releases with the legendary label hands and his own imprint, sonic groove experiments, adam paired up with l.i.e.s records in 2014 for redacted files, a 12 inch single of slowed-down and tense ebm wizardry. adam returns to the l.i.e.s. front with coherent abstractions, a brand new album of singular experiments that pull from every corner of electronic music's landscape into a comprehensive and propulsive full-length. coherent abstractions pulsates with fractured rhythms, vacillating melodies and mesmerizing compositions that showcase adam's impressive history working in all aspects of the underbelly of electronic music.


1 virtuality continuum
2 arrival into uncharted territory
3 neutralize & eliminate
4 phenomenalist
5 conjectured state
6 nearing obliteration
7 bound & broken (feat. janina)
8 my theme song
9 anxious solitude
10 mystical ascent
11 mgm_41-85