sein lernen remixes. ap34

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aliens production. ap34

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ingo lindmeier and his production is well known for its specific sound and pure electro sound that is based on minimalistic concepts and penetrating melodies. original material sein lerner has started a new stage in ingo’s explorations and its chapter ii gets this time a look of remixed versions of original album that has under its shield taken creative musicians from the dark scene. to the new work they have given completely different look and form since its unique musical sensibility opens new gates of modern electro sound. very colorful and well listenable material which was supported by creative faces of electronic magicians as: flint glass, recfrag, mnemonic, ab ovo, huron, klangarchies, normotone, headdreamer, nuance, lpf12, tod, ish. dvd pack packaging.


1 gestern_flint glass
2 tag ohne gestern_recfrag
3 endstation_mnemonic
4 autophobia_ab ovo
5 gemeinsamer nenner_polygon
6 kalter fleck_huron
7 der konstrukteur_klangarchies
8 der lügner_normotone
9 experimente_headdreamer
10 sein lassen_polygon
11 der träumer_polygon
12 erinnerung an mich_nuance