live at maschinenfest 2013. raub-040

sudden infant
live at maschinenfest 2013. mp3 album, tape

raubbau. raub-040

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sudden infant is back: back on stage, back in 2013, impressing us once more with the striking power of his live appearance. as with every performance, sudden infant pushes the border of industrial sounds into the realm of musical art experiments. implementing jazzy elements, urban backdrops, lullabies and distortion galore, we find how the gap between the stage and us dissolves. his vocals often directly address the audience - you, me, every witness of this cultural monument - and each track harbors endless possibilities of how the mastermind conveys his unsparing statements. we become a part of his arrangement while sudden infant knows exactly how to lead us to this most personal experience.


1 intro
2 crane boy
3 father
4 endless night
5 girl
6 head vs wall
7 w├Âlfli's nightmare
8 hold me
9 tandoori chicken scooter
10 stairs