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we lift the curtain on contagious orgasm and proudly present seven sounds unseen: studio recordings and live material from '97/'98 plus a unique live jam session recorded in 1997. contagious orgasm create their surrealistic sound worlds with a mix of organic rhythms, wooden percussions blended with amphoric bells and urban samples. a mix of ancient instruments mingling with modern, industrial bits and pieces - both woven into flows of drones, layers of dark deep ambience and distortion. the live sets are just as enchanting as their studio work: bringing together telepherique, salt, p•a•l and thirdorgan, contagious orgasm engaged into a collaboration that stands out in dynamics and color added by every artist. the second set was recorded in the belly of ms stubnitz, the steel reflecting every frequency and underlining the bizarre arrangements that we are so well familiar with and which never cease to impress. with seven sounds unseen, contagious orgasm continue their almost 30 years of production and connect the past with the present: an absolute must have for completing your collection or the seven sounds you just waited for.


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