not to lead nor to follow. act207

not to lead nor to follow. mp3 album

ant-zen. act207

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on their second release, jóhann eiríksson and sigurður harðarson follow the ideological path that they began with 'way through zero'. instead of one conceptual work divided in parts, gjöll presents six tracks. the lyrics printed in the cd booklet show this project's empathy for the individual who is able to detach from political, religious or social necessities. even without listening to gjöll's music you can already feel the anger, the challenges of society’s excrescences, and the frustration about the way things are (and about the way things should be). as on the previous album, gjöll transcribe their musical statements into a process in which the listener is forced to open up. pulsing drones, mighty synth layers, heavy sequencer patterns and disembowelling sub-basses combine with harðarson's ear-piercing vocals and the result is an unforgettable listening experience. this project's music is hard to compare, but both musicians are able to merge the intensity of grindcore or doom metal with industrial's sonic variety. an outstanding release and recommended to the open minded listener.


1 a declaration
2 dream of plagues
3 a view from a social status
4 everyday's chanting
5 march of the mad poets
6 the drunk giant