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maurizio bianchi, the italian veteran of noise music released his new album 'tridecacofonia' on raumklang music. tridefacofonia combines drone music and noise in a exellent way. maurzizio bianchi always manages to pull out the audience of the lethargy of simple listening by setting targeted accents and breaks. the consumer is forced to concentrate on the album. but if you’re getting into it, you will experience one of the best noise albums of recent years. tridecacofonia includes two remixes of [basementgrrr] and dirk geiger. dirk geiger and maurizio bianchi are working on a collaboration album what will be released on raumklang music when it’s ready.


1 the thirteenth note
2 serial cacophony
3 the achromatic scale
4 cacomorphose
5 atonality
6 motivic envelopments
7 the achromatic scale ([basementgrrr remix])
8 serial cacophony (dirk geiger remix)