v.a. - seminart1sts - the agnost1k era. agncd01

v.a. - seminart1sts - the agnost1k era. cd

agnost1k recordings. agncd01

first cd release of agnost1k records, a label run by billy s. and the nekrolog1k crew from switzerland. this project merges a wide range of existing industrial music, produced by well-recognized and established artists issued from different sub-genres (both industrial and industrial hardcore), here gathered to open the mind of the listener and explore new soundscape territories. a new agnost1k era… the 13 seminarists conceptors of this project deliver here an alternative dynamic of industrial sound, combining the best of each their own musical environment. after a long period focused on industrial hardcore and drum’n bass with his twin label nekrolog1k recordings, agnost1k is on its path to shape a new formula of unlimited knowledge and chaos. a new cycle of yet unexpressed creativity, dedicated to shift industrial music by getting rid the commonly accepted barriers of each sub-genre. feat. exclusive tracks by mono-amine, iszoloscope, demanufacturer, the peoples republic of europe, futur dynamic, fiend, desolation, and more. digipak packaging. full album preview: http://soundcloud.com/nekrolog1krecordings/sets/the-seminar1sts-agncd001


1 volcano demanufacturer
2 anachronism futur dynamic
3 mechanic sin billy s. & ak-industry
4 agony evil darkness fiend
5 noitalosed desolation
6 just another noisy loop embrionyc
7 mental monologue mono-amine
8 magnetix synaptic memories
9 eternal and absolute moral nighttime iszoloscope
10 the bass sarin assault
11 the 41st millennium the relic
12 course oblivion the peoples republic of europe
13 closing chapter billy s.