the fetid fungi. act199

david thrussell
the fetid fungi. book, cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act199

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the fetid fungi is d.thrussell's second spoken word album. like 'the voices of reason' it can not be seen as an 'audio book'. thrussell with a dark haunting voice speaks about mushrooms, diseases of civilization, the impact of machines on man, fear, and harassments. these illuminations are accompanied by soundscapes which are also used to introduce and to mesmerize the listener. 'ringtone', which can also be watched as a short film, is a modern adaptation of e.a.poe's 'the tell-tale heart'. in this version, technology has replaced the function of the human organ. the 52-page book (21x21cm) features many astounding full page and full colour illustrations (drawings, etchings and prints - none ever seen before) drawn from the dark resesses of thrussell's nightmare world. the images are chilling yet strangely mirthful. enjoy this release if you can - and watch out for the boiled flying saucers on your dinner plate!


1 prelude
2 the fetid fungi
3 a town called desire
4 the chewing gum of hate
5 the writer
6 my dream
7 the ears
8 ringtone
9 welcome
10 coda